LO is an American Producer of Colombian Descent, better known by his stage name LO5TAR.

Early life:

LO, the oldest of three siblings was born in Miami, Florida, where he was raised by his mother.

LO started rapping in his first year of middle school spending his youth creating beats & freestyling on them to better understand the concept of creating songs. LO dropped out his sophmore year and began a life supporting his family. Talking about his upbringing, LO confessed this led his decision to lead a life away from the criminal aspect that influenced many in the city of Miami.

Early Career:

In 2012, LO broke free into the scene when he was noticed by former director of power 96.

Fast forward towards the end of 2013 and preplex Productions asked LO to start Re editing the hit songs:

"Bitch Dont Killl My Vibe" By Kendrick Lamar,

"Diced Pineapples" By Rick Ross,

"Im Different" By 2Chainz,

These three Remixes became published on all major hiphop portals, being an incredible shift in creativity by incorporating the official artists live performance into an official music video view of Kendrick Lamar, 2chainz and RickRoss on a LO5TAR Beat.

JustBlaze produced a beat and Lo5tar recorded his rap vocals over it, this song reached number 33, placing him in the top 100 rappers across the nation and solidifying his relationship further with his fans that made it possible.

LO5TAR seems to be his own type of recipe for success as he moves forward in all creative aspects in 2018